Yes, it’s true, I’ve lost another 700 grams. that’s 1.55 pounds.

And it wasn’t easy, not at all. I didn’t feel well half of the week, and my first instinct was to go to comfort-food-zone (carbs and chocolates and red meat, oh my!), but I didn’t. I let myself take a day off of exercising at Sunday, and did only 10 minutes yoga at Monday, but the important thing is I DID those 10 minutes, and then my motivation came back at Tuseday and it’s still here.

Tomorrow I want to take my measurments again and compare them to starting pint.

Meanwhile, here’s my weigh in for this week:

starting weight – 85.5 kg = 188.5 lbs

last week- 83.3 kg = 183.6 lbs

today- 82.6 kg = 182.1 lbs

my first target (for September): 77 kg = 170 lbs


{April 30, 2009}   Weekly Weigh-In

Yeah, I missed the Wednesday Weigh-In, but I did comment on April post at the Sisterhood, and YAY for me! Not only did I lose 1.9 kg (4.2 lbs) but I lost 2.2 kg (4.8 lbs ) this week and one percent fat since September. Turns out the scales at my nutritionist’s and at the gym are almost sync.

Anyway, I still have a lot of weight I must shed (77 kg is my first goal, for September 1st), and my fat percentage is sky-rocketing even considering the loss, it’s still 47%. But I must say seeing the numbers on the scale move downwards for once was a) refreshing, and b) super motivating.

Devoting time to workout each and every day has really worked for me so far. I’m not very hard on myself and I do consider even ten minutes of Youtube Yoga a workout when I don’t have time for more or when I’m extra tired (most of the time, as I happen to have a 2 year old son). I also took Mizfit’s advice to playout with my kid, though I do no particular exercises but run and jump with him in our backyard or play ball.

I’m hoping to report not-too-differently next week, though I do not  fool myself to think that I’m gonna lose 5 pounds each week.

et cetera