Okay, this confession thing isn’t as easy as I thought, being that you’re supposed to really confess. yeah, even about the not-so-great stuff.

Brace yourselves!

  • I DID NOT exercize yesterday. In fact, I barely moved from my desk, where I worked my ass off because of a deadline.
  • I DID NOT exercise today either.
  • I AM going to do some yoga in front of the DVD in a few minutes, and tomorrow morning I have an appointment at the gym with my favorite trainer, who is going to refresh my routine.
  • The weather is terrible, and it makes me feel fat and depressed and lose any motivation at all (not just in healthy-eating and exercising).
  • I power-walked with my mom two days ago and hated each and every minute, I much rather run or do the eliptical (my favorite).
  • Speaking of running and eliptical-ing, I’m getting better and better at both.
  • Damn headache, go away! (sorry folks, I’m hoping my headache reads the blog)

That’s it for today. I’m gonna do some yoga and go to sleep. Nighty Night.


Hi Everybody,

I’ve decided to join the sisterhood for their confessions on Mondays and Weigh-ins at Wednesdays. So here goes nothing:

  • I managed to workout everyday at least for 10 minutes and I almost can’t believe it! feels great.
  • What feels less than great, though, is that i couldn’t shut my mouth for the first couple of days; I just ate and ate…
  • But I DID manage to eat well during the weekend, although it wasn’t easy at all.
  • I realized it’s better if I eat a good, filling meal when I’m hungry, because if i try to ignore my hunger, I’ll just snack on junk all day (that’s what happened yesterday).
  • Playing with C (my 2yo son) can serve as a mini-workout, and he loves it when we jump a lot and play ball!
  • Yesterday I ran for the first time ever and it was so good. It took me only 20 min to get where I usually have to walk for 40 min.

That’s all for today, see you at Wedensday.

et cetera