Yes, it’s true, I’ve lost another 700 grams. that’s 1.55 pounds.

And it wasn’t easy, not at all. I didn’t feel well half of the week, and my first instinct was to go to comfort-food-zone (carbs and chocolates and red meat, oh my!), but I didn’t. I let myself take a day off of exercising at Sunday, and did only 10 minutes yoga at Monday, but the important thing is I DID those 10 minutes, and then my motivation came back at Tuseday and it’s still here.

Tomorrow I want to take my measurments again and compare them to starting pint.

Meanwhile, here’s my weigh in for this week:

starting weight – 85.5 kg = 188.5 lbs

last week- 83.3 kg = 183.6 lbs

today- 82.6 kg = 182.1 lbs

my first target (for September): 77 kg = 170 lbs


Okay, this confession thing isn’t as easy as I thought, being that you’re supposed to really confess. yeah, even about the not-so-great stuff.

Brace yourselves!

  • I DID NOT exercize yesterday. In fact, I barely moved from my desk, where I worked my ass off because of a deadline.
  • I DID NOT exercise today either.
  • I AM going to do some yoga in front of the DVD in a few minutes, and tomorrow morning I have an appointment at the gym with my favorite trainer, who is going to refresh my routine.
  • The weather is terrible, and it makes me feel fat and depressed and lose any motivation at all (not just in healthy-eating and exercising).
  • I power-walked with my mom two days ago and hated each and every minute, I much rather run or do the eliptical (my favorite).
  • Speaking of running and eliptical-ing, I’m getting better and better at both.
  • Damn headache, go away! (sorry folks, I’m hoping my headache reads the blog)

That’s it for today. I’m gonna do some yoga and go to sleep. Nighty Night.

et cetera