{April 27, 2009}   It’s True Confessions’ Monday

Hi Everybody,

I’ve decided to join the sisterhood for their confessions on Mondays and Weigh-ins at Wednesdays. So here goes nothing:

  • I managed to workout everyday at least for 10 minutes and I almost can’t believe it! feels great.
  • What feels less than great, though, is that i couldn’t shut my mouth for the first couple of days; I just ate and ate…
  • But I DID manage to eat well during the weekend, although it wasn’t easy at all.
  • I realized it’s better if I eat a good, filling meal when I’m hungry, because if i try to ignore my hunger, I’ll just snack on junk all day (that’s what happened yesterday).
  • Playing with C (my 2yo son) can serve as a mini-workout, and he loves it when we jump a lot and play ball!
  • Yesterday I ran for the first time ever and it was so good. It took me only 20 min to get where I usually have to walk for 40 min.

That’s all for today, see you at Wedensday.


Melissa says:

Good job on the running
Not sure what is going on with the commnts here

sittaholic says:

thanks, Melissa, you guys are my inspiration.

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